Sunday, January 29, 2006

On Beauty

The Sony Bravia commercial is old news perhaps, but my daughter's enthusiasm for it has yet to wain. For the record her favourite bit is when the dustbin gets knocked over (she's five). She responds to the ad because it is beautiful; an excellent idea expertly executed. Is its beauty sullied by its commercial association? No. Shakespeare and Rembrandt, one might sensibly imagine, born in the late twentieth century and anxious for exposure might have taken the shilling and worked in a similar field, there being little in the way of feudal patronage on offer. Nicolai Fuglsig, the ad's director would not, presumably, count himself in such elevated company, but it is likely that his signature work has created a fuzzy feeling in more souls than The Tempest and The Nightwatch combined. I have a feeling that I will remember the bouncing balls long after the text of Prospero's apology has escaped my elderly recollection.

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